Wednesday, October 31, 2012



An album that I long awaited.

While the last album that released on 2010 has been repeated uncountable times in this 2 years time, whole new RED is finally comes out.

First single that hit the radio - , what a long title.
U will not love this song at first, I dare you.
I not really heart the Ooo~ , the suddenly high pitch of "we~" in the chorus, the self talk in the bridge, but you know, is Taylor, I will not tell you that WANEGBT has been repeated 360 in my Itunes playlist, just only Itunes playlist. This is the most catchy song i have ever listen.

Taylor is known by writing all her ex-es into her songs, which mean young girl that same age like me, can feel exactly the same like her. Many Tay's songs has been applied to my so called ex, and she sing exactly how i feel. I guess this is why I love her music so.

But too bad, none of RED can actually touch my feeling. Tay, can you write some lonely love songs? I think this is impossible, since you're never ever stop dating.

I still love RED, a whole new Taylor Swift, that sing out our every feeling, thinking and emotion.

I knew you were trouble, Tay. =)